recoding // gdfb catalog part 2

Recoding is the 2nd publication of the Graphic Design Festival Breda. It looks back on this years festival. The publication reports on all workshops, exhibitions, lectures and other activities. Photographer Suzanne Jongmans recorded everything on film. Robert Urquhart, Roos Giethoorn (that's me) and Fontanel wrote about the various projects and designers Hedof, David Paans and Yurr have turned he statistics into infographics.

For this publication I interviewed artists and designers in real life and through the magical technique called internet. While visiting the festival I interviewed Aram Bartholl (DE), an artist who thematizes the relationships between net data space and every day life, after his lecture at the GDFB Bootcamp.

During the exhibition of the poster project On Going I met Vera Verberne (NL), from GVD, one of the initiators. The project, which was inspired by Bruce Mau's manifesto then inspired me to write an article.  

Peter Lundgren (SW), not the tennisplayer but the one who was born and raised side by side with the polar bears and reindeers, I found working on a cardbord installation for the Papercut exhibition at KOP. We talked about paper and stuff, surrounded by an army of papertoys. 

The first time I met the Designertoys XL was when they had to sit still because the had were getting their body painted. The second time, they were not very talkative, because they had to rest after they had their heads kicked off... This didn't stop me from writing about the adventures of the toys in Breda.

For the article on the Greytones battle of dutch designers it was a whole different experience... Interviews with the initiator, the designer of the book, the 'winners' of the battle and the team that took the word 'battle' for what it is and kicked some dutch designer butts, were done by phone, email and skype. Have you ever had to interview a team of designers through skype? Well, I am warning you.. you don't know what you are getting yourself into...

All this, together with the various other articles, reports and pictures of the festival, resulted into a great report of what the GDFB 2010 was. Interested? You can buy the book here.