Enjoy The Lies by {ths}

We're proud to present a group of 'brand new' collage works by {ths} aka Thomas Schostok. This doesn't mean the work is bright and shiny. {ths} defines his work as "trash urban warfare porn dirt style pop".

He dirties, paints, scratches and creases images, typography and illustrations. Defacing them until dirtyness presides over beauty. In-between you'll find a mishmash of phrases which challenge conformity, boredom & clich├ęs. This obsessive visual rebel is internationaly known for his powerful artworks which will be shown at Battalion!

Details of work made by {ths} for the Enjoy The Lies exhibition.
Soon available in our shop.

About Subwalk

SUBWALK was founded in 2007 when Roos Giethoorn opened a shop and exhibition space in Arnhem. Since then she has organized exhibitions, lectures, events and worked for festivals like Into The Great Wide Open and the Graphic Design Festival Breda. SUBWALK has been offered the great opportunity to organise exhibitions at Battailion in Amsterdam.


With a focus on progressive contemporary art and design, Battalion invites (international) artists that have strong ties with the streets. Alongside the exhibitions that Battalion houses, we organize murals in Amsterdam, bringing the art into the city.

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Battalion Amsterdam

SUBWALK (mail address)
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