Back in the game, soon!

Dear readers!As you might have noticed by now we have taken quite a long break. After some really hectic years of running the shop, the exhibitions and numerous events we needed a break. On a professional level as well as on a personal level we needed some introspection. Why do we make our programmes the way we do, Is the gallery space we have the right medium for the message that we feel is important? So ehm...we gave up the studio in Arnhem for a breath of fresh air in 's-Hertogenbosch! And with tons of new energy we're starting up a new Subwalk. We're not sure yet what it will be, but we are sure that we feel like making some nice new plans this year! So far we would like to thank you for stopping by at our site the past year, without you it would be much less fun and we would like to invite you to pop in once in a while to see what we're up to! Hoping to bring you some new inspiration this year!In the mean time you can reach us through facebook, email and mail. Love! The Subwalk team

backyard xxl / wandelroute langs diverse muurschilderingen

De wandelkaart is mede mogelijk gemaakt door Stichting Binnenstad Arnhem, Avond vol Kunst en Dudok Arnhem.

Het afgelopen jaar is Arnhem verrijkt met serie muurschilderingen. Maar ook in de binnentuin van Café-Brasserie Dudok is een bijzondere mural te bewonderen. Ga ze zelf verkennen op de SUBWALK wandelroute! De wandelkaarten zijn tijdens de Avond vol Kunst te vinden bij: BL-ij aan de Wielakkerstraat, Dudok Arnhem, SUBWALK en Showroom Arnhem.